AMPI Gdl Presents New Board

By Thelma Gust
Apr. 5, 2019

The members of the new board of directors of the Guadalajara chapter of the Asociación Mexicana de Profesionales Inmobiliarios (AMPI) (Mexican Association of Real Estate Professionals) were sworn in before authorities from the three levels of government, as well as the business sector, chambers, associations and the real estate community.

AMPI Gdl Presents New Board, Guadalajara Real Estate Guide 2019

The ceremony was headed by Pablo Vásquez, the 2019 national president of AMPI, who swore in Óscar Israel Reyes Dueñas, the new president of AMPI Guadalajara; María Fernanda Rosales Silva, vice president; Nadia Niniwe Camacho Arriola, secretary; Felipe Ibarra Palacios, treasurer; Rosa Ruiz Velasco, director of institutional promotion; and José Ignacio Gómez-Ibarra Borquez, deputy director of institutional promotion.

Also sworn in were Rodrigo Cárdenas Gutiérrez, MLS director; Fernando Arturo Morales Witrago, communications director; Karen Julieta Correa Cabrales, deputy director of communications; Martha Elena Solano Sánchez, director of membership; and Mario Romo Alarcón, director of training.

In his speech, the new president of AMPI Guadalajara said he will work to maintain a close relationship with the authorities to generate policies that help make a better city, generate more training for the real estate professional and incorporate courses and workshops for managers and executives of both real estate companies and developers.

“We will seek to establish new collaboration agreements with schools and associations related to our industry, as well as strengthening ties that unite us with public agencies that regulate real estate activities.” —Óscar Reyes, president of AMPI Guadalajara.

AMPI Gdl Presents New Board, Guadalajara Real Estate Guide 2019