Grupo Entrepiso Develops Vibranta

Developed by Grupo Entrepiso, Vibranta is a new housing project in Chapultepec, one of the most culturally and commercially expressive areas of Guadalajara.

According to its developers, Vibranta, which is located at Av. Niños Héroes 2050, seeks to respect the essence of one of the most important neighborhoods in Guadalajara.

“Its spaces favor pedestrian mobility and vegetation, while its architecture manages to integrate organically with the urban environment through a design intended to be harmonious, functional and aesthetic,” they explain.

This new housing complex, which will have 122 units distributed on 18 levels and four commercial premises on the ground floor, will include amenities such as a double-height lobby, coworking area, security booth, entrance patio, ample parking, laundry area equipped for common use and facilities for lifting and lowering furniture.

“Vibranta is designed for those who enjoy the cultural expressions of the area and seek to harmoniously be a part of them.” —Grupo Entrepiso.

Vibranta development