Hiram Prigadaá Guevara: Transforming to Impact the Real Estate Market

For Hiram Prigadaá Guevara, founder and director of Capital Brokers México, during the eight years that the real estate firm has been in operation, one of its main challenges has been to capture a market in constant transformation.

Understanding the need to innovate and adapt has resulted in establishing an effective communication channel through the medium that is changing the world: the Internet.

With more than 54,000 followers on Facebook and more than 55,000 subscribers on YouTube, Capital Brokers México studies, in-house, the needs of the luxury real estate market.

Prigadaá Guevara Hiram Capital Brokers mexico

“We campaign on Google and social networks 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We had to study everything that was needed to know how to identify the words the client is looking for and how he could find us,” he says.

According to Prigadaá, visual elements of the highest quality have been the most effective hook to attract potential clients from Mexico and other parts of the world, managing to convey the perfect aesthetic in luxury apartments and residences.

“Some time ago, I was watching videos of real estate abroad. The first time I discovered a drone was while I was looking at a residence and wondering how they got the camera through the pool, until I caught the reflection of a window and saw something flying by. Then I started to investigate, and that was when, in 2014, I discovered that tool that here in Mexico was not yet fully known.”

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Knowing how to present properties in a different way, with a meticulous job of video recording and editing, in addition to a well-directed digital strategy and a network of commercial alliances with real estate agents, is the business model that has given Capital Brokers México a portfolio of, so far, 800 luxury properties.

Prigadaá shared that of this whole business model, its most valuable clients are in real estate, since making alliances with other agencies, under a vision of shared success, is much more rewarding than any completed transaction.

“For us, the most important client is the agent, because if we didn’t have these alliances, we wouldn’t be where we are. They are people who are trained and have mental and legal preparation; it is not that we are where we are on our own merit.”

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Prigadaá is an entrepreneur with a pleasant temperament and a generous intention to share his knowledge of real estate, a profession that came unexpectedly and has allowed him to discover his greatest satisfactions.

“I didn’t really plan on having a real estate agency. What I wanted to do was to sell one, two or three luxury properties and have time to travel. … In fact, the business started when I began to wish that the people with me would start to do well. My greatest satisfaction, to this day, is that people see in my company an opportunity for professional development.”

Accustomed to the strong criticism of those who still doubt the effectiveness of social networks, Prigadaá is aware that natural failures can contribute a lot, so he is currently looking for new projects that can continue to enhance his business, which, to this day, delights him.

They say that there is a market for everyone, and it is not in Prigadaá’s current plans to reach the American or Canadian client, but the Latin American one, focusing on countries such as Panama.

“Currently, our challenge is to create Capital Brokers México franchises and open in Mexico City, and then extend to all of Latin America. Our intention is to place our first franchise with the same business model with which we operate here in Guadalajara,” he concludes.

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