Lobby 33 Arrives

With its own style, the Lobby 33 mixed-use project came to complement the great residential and commercial offering in one of the areas with the highest value in the Guadalajara Metropolitan Zone.

This project, which is made up of apartments, offices, a jeweler center and a wide commercial offering, is being developed in the Puerta de Hierro area.


According to César Martín Franco, director of Constructora Numei, Lobby 33’s housing proposal consists of 10 apartment models, which seek to meet the needs of a market that wants to live in a comfortable space of small dimensions, contrary to the apartment offering generally found in that area.

“In our case, we seek to have small apartments that allow other types of markets to have access to being within this privileged area, with units ranging from 968 to 2,152 square feet.”

Lobby 33 bet on housing versatility that is based on a trendy and youthful scheme, aimed at people looking to be in a good area, but with multifunctional spaces.


“We are aimed at young people who do not require large spaces, for example, the millennial market, who are looking for entertainment, offices and means of transportation in the same place.”

Lobby 33 is designed with a unique style that makes it totally different from what is around it. Impressive red glass staircases and a huge lobby on the ground floor give the impression of being in a completely new space with modern architecture.


In total it has 30 floors, four of them made up of 64,583 square feet of commercial area; six floors for corporate spaces that add an area of 96,875 square feet and 20 floors of apartments that integrate the 258,333 square feet. In addition, there is a parking area with 400 spaces.

The entertainment and gastronomic proposal in Lobby 33 will be very varied. “We will have fine cuts, seafood and international fusion food, among other specialties. As for services, we have banking centers, brokerage houses, a health and beauty area, as well as a cosmetic surgery clinic, among other establishments that are located on the third floor.”


He said that for the opening a commercial occupation of 40 percent is estimated, but it is expected that it will reach 70 percent by the end of the year.

Ecological Awareness

Built with the parameters dictated for LEED certification, this project is designed to be totally sustainable and renewable, improving productivity and energy savings.

“All rainwater is being reused. We have cisterns that are catching it, and it is being used both in gardening and sanitary equipment.”

He indicated that this environmental awareness also brings economic benefits to its tenants and inhabitants, who currently have shown greater interest in occupying the type of space that reduces the impact on the environment.

“We are oriented to a generation that is more aware of the impact on the environment. We wanted to push this kind of awareness with everyday issues, but that are very important, as is the separation of garbage.”


Added Value

One of the most popular places for those who visit the Guadalajara Metropolitan Zone is its shopping malls. In this regard, Franco indicated that one of the great proposals offered by Lobby 33 is its jeweler center located on the third floor, which offers an elegant design and a great proposal, inviting you to know why Guadalajara is considered the Jewelry Capital of America.

He shared that in this space you will find proposals that are also in the Zona Joyera, located downtown, so, with this new center, we seek to give a bonus to the inhabitants of the area and to Lobby 33 visitors.

“It is a proposal that comes to unite, because in a space of 10,764 square feet, all the elements of comfort, parking and security are concentrated in order to enhance Jalisco jewelry.”

Lobby 33 is a project developed by Constructora Numei and created by architect Carlos Santoscoy. Its official inauguration is expected to take place later this year.