Los Robles Development Presented

Los Robles is a development made up of 284 acres, with lots ranging from 2,045 to 2,691 square feet. This new option of vertical residential housing is being built a few minutes from the Bosque La Primavera.

In addition to the green areas, another attraction of Los Robles is its sports club, a more than 247,570-square-foot space with a semi-Olympic pool, soccer fields and basketball, tennis and paddle tennis courts, as well as a gym, multipurpose room and restaurant-bar with terrace.

Los Robles consists of 10 stages, five of which are currently being developed: Helechos, Bonsái, Galeanas, Encinos and Castaños. While the first two are built and inhabited, the other three are in the process of being marketed.

Los Robles is being developed by Grupo DMI, a Mexican company that, throughout its 20 years of experience, has invested in the development of our country with a variety of projects that in total add up to more than 215,278,208 square feet.

Los robles development