Sector Challenge: Certification of Real Estate Agents

The real estate industry is growing exponentially and is in constant transformation, making it an increasingly competitive sector. In this entire universe, the figure of the real estate agent plays a key role, especially when it comes to gaining the client’s trust.

The vision for the future and the need to provide better service to customers generate best practices and encourage free competition for all those who are part of the sector’s value chain. In an article published by the real estate firm Century 21, it is pointed out that, for the agent, the real estate is not the real reason for the business, but rather the clients.

For Julio Gil Bustillos, national president of the Consejo de Profesionales Inmobiliarios de México A.C. (COPIM) (Council of Real Estate Professionals of Mexico), one of the most pressing issues in the industry is to have an increasing number of certified real estate agents, in order to offer a better quality of service and avoid falling into practices that violate the practice of the profession.

COPIM certification real estate agent

“It must be guaranteed that they are people who have sufficient knowledge to be able to give advice to those who want to buy or sell a home, warehouse, land or any property in general. We must take care that our client will not fall into situations that could make him lose his property.”

He indicated that, although there are currently various certifications in the country, some are limited to offering knowledge on legal and fiscal issues, codes of ethics and service quality standards.

“There are countless companies nationwide that offer courses of hours and days and that advise them, and people think that because they took them they can already make sales. They have to have experience in all aspects, because right now we need to know about valuation, taxes, the legal part, domain extinction, money laundering, in short, many aspects that you can’t learn in just eight hours.”

He shared that COPIM has a certification endorsed by the Secretaría del Trabajo y Previsión Social Federal (Federal Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare) for professional real estate consultants, which includes a comprehensive program focused on various areas of knowledge taught by people with a minimum of 10 years of experience in the field.

“We are looking for them to be certified, but to have a full certification and not a partial one like others. There are many certifications on the market that are given by people who are not from the sector. We have just started our certification and currently have about 50 certified real estate consultants.”

For those seeking a professional real estate agent, Gil recommended making sure that the person you are going to work with belongs to a recognized real estate agency and is affiliated with an industry association in the state, as well as asking about their certifications.

certification real estate professional

COPIM, a body created in 2017, has 17 affiliated associations and more than 10 in the process of joining (of the nine that began three years ago). Its national representation extends to cities such as Tijuana, Guadalajara, Mexicali and Mérida. According to Gil, there are currently a total of 3,000 affiliated real estate agents from all the associations that are part of the council.

Advantages of Certification:

  • You will be able to provide more comprehensive support to clients,
  • Offer better advice and analyze various offers that fit the budget and needs of your client,
  • Guide them better in legal matters,
  • Help your client collect the necessary documents for the sale or purchase of a property, and
  • Perform better in all the required procedures and offer better service, both to the buyer and the seller, as the case may be.

The president indicated that, on a monthly basis, the 3,000 advisers that make up COPIM sell approximately 9,000 to 10,000 properties on average. However, he noted that the aftermath of the uncertainty in the markets has had an effect on the sector, but they still anticipate that 2020 will be positive.

“Nor has it been a dramatic drop, because always the sale of a property or, rather, for investors to have a property is a security that their investment will always be there.”

He said that this year, in addition to the certification, the council will work toward two objectives, one for the creation of a national real estate exchange, where anyone can check who the associations and real estate companies affiliated with COPIM are and, with that, have the security that the one being hired can provide a good result.

In a joint effort with other associations in the country, such as the Asociación Mexicana de Profesionales Inmobiliarios (AMPI) (Mexican Association of Real Estate Professionals), COPIM is promoting the creation of the Consejo Regulador Inmobiliario Nacional (National Real Estate Regulatory Council), an organization that will allow for regularization practices in the sector, in order to have a greater legal structure with better guarantees for the market.