SIL México Arrives in Guadalajara

To talk about opportunities is to talk about SIL México (Soluciones Integrales Latinoamérica), a company that provides real estate services focused on investment, rentals, sales, development and consulting to people around the world.

With a wide network of clients, portfolio of properties and captive expansion in places such as Oaxaca, Mexico City, Yucatán, Michoacán and now Guadalajara, SIL México is the answer for anyone who wishes to take advantage of the current boom in Mexico’s real estate industry.

In the real estate sector, a large number of the country’s cities are setting the tone for its growth and development, attracting foreign investors thanks to its excellent geographical location and its open and competitive economy, positioning Mexico in ninth place of the most attractive and secure countries to invest in.

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For Dolores Pérez Islas, CEO of SIL México, Guadalajara is experiencing one of its best moments for both commercial and residential investment, being among the top three most attractive cities in our country for real estate.

According to Pérez, the city’s accelerated real estate development is a niche of opportunity for those who wish to invest in Guadalajara, which is expected to be one of Mexico’s fastest growing metropolises by 2030.

“What we propose to our investors and clients is to turn to Guadalajara because at this moment there are still good prices. In order for real estate to be a good business, you need to get there before the real estate boom, because when you get there later, there is no return on investment. In real estate, you make money when you buy, not when you sell.”

She said that, from July to date, the time SIL México has been in Guadalajara, they have listed around 200 properties, with a nationwide portfolio of 10,000. However, they expect that in the coming months the capital of the state of Jalisco will represent 45 percent of their total portfolio.

“The idea is to increase the portfolio and thereby increase the possibility that all those who collaborate with us have a greater opportunity to continue investing.”

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SIL México defines itself as a company that bets on having leadership in the way of doing business in the country’s real estate, through know-how with innovative processes that guarantee the quality of its services, as well as financial intelligence, where its processes are optimized and thus they can offer the best investment returns. In short, the firm seeks to generate community.

For any area of business or investment, SIL México is clear that a shared value makes a difference. Betting on innovative projects that add to the development of more conscious and shared societies is a priority for the firm, where everyone has the opportunity to be part of their network of clients, associates and investors.

“People think that to invest in real estate you need to have a very high investment ticket or that access to those markets is very limited. But that is not the reality, as the model we have is that we like to share based on trust.”

Pérez shared that different real estate projects of entrepreneurs have managed to find that seed capital through angel investors that allow them to transform their projects into a reality.

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“We detect the areas of opportunity, study the market and do a study of the value of the asset, as there are various entrepreneurs who have very good ideas. Then we make an association by participation, where the entrepreneur can execute and analyze his proposal based on the return on investment we can give to the investor, and what we do is that each actor in the equation comes together, and we raise the project to a level where capital can be injected.”

Its network of clients ranges from those who list their residential properties with the firm, to developers seeking capital injection, as well as angel investors, franchisees and traditional direct clients who come looking to live in Guadalajara or establish their offices in the city.

“We have representations in Huatulco, Puerto Vallarta, Mérida, Mexico City and Guadalajara, so we are talking about a universe of 245 associates. In addition, we have access to over 10,000 properties, including mixed properties, single-family homes (over $2,000,000 pesos) and opportunity properties that are in historic cities, as well as beaches with villas, condominiums and commercial real estate developments.”

SIL México distinguishes itself by offering services without first getting something in return. On the contrary, they seek to be an additional arm for their clients, investors and associates to concretize, develop and carry out what motivated them to join this great industry.